Ultrabatches also called single pigment dispersions are high-fill concentrates based on organic or inorganic pigments dispersed in a specific carrier material.

Kunststof-Kemi offers a wide range of Ultrabatch, covering the entire colour spectrum.

Depending on the application and quality requirements, we offer a wide range of options.

At Kunststof-Kemi, the main focus is primarily on polyolefins (PE, PP), styrene, EVA and EMA. The latter two can be classified as so-called universal carrier materials.

In addition to the above, Kunststof-Kemi has been working for the last few years to expand with PA-Ultrabatch. Find available PA – Ultrabatches with our Ultrabatch Selector.

In addition, Kunststof-Kemi has experience in more technical polymer materials. One example is the PET.

Benefits of Ultrabatch - Masterbatch the easy way

Ultrabatch is primarily used for masterbatch production as an alternative to using pigment.

– Repeatability: as all pigments are pre-dispersed in the Ultrabatch, the quality of the masterbatch will be consistent from production to production.

– Flexibility: the colour remains the same even if different production equipment is used.

– Speed: Colour changes are easy as Ultrabatch will not stick to the inner walls of the extruder as is the case when pigments are used.

– Cleaning is less time-consuming at the mixing station and in production.

– General handling is also easier as cumbersome handling of pigments is avoided.

– Since Ultrabatch is pre-dispersed, you can use a single-screw extruder to produce masterbatch.

Feel free to try our Ultrabatch Selector to find the ideal Ultrabatch solution for your needs.