Colour masterbatch

Kunststof-Kemi produces tailor-made colour masterbatches for a wide range of applications in the thermoplastics processing industry.

Some examples are injection moulding, foils, fibres and many others.

Production includes deliveries from 25 kg up to 120 tonnes.

Our own colour masterbatch production is based on our own Ultrabatches – either exclusively or in combination with inorganic pigments in powder form.

The choice of materials depends on the size of the production and the type of machine used.

Small production runs will typically be produced on single-screw extruders, using only Ultrabatch and polymer as raw materials.

Larger productions are produced on a mixture of organic Ultrabatch and inorganic pigment to aim for the lowest possible cost while maintaining a high quality.

Colour masterbatch can be combined with additives – so-called combi-batches. In this way, colour and modification of polymer properties can be combined in a masterbatch.

In this video we show how efficiently and quickly a colour change can take place on an extruder when using Ultrabatch: