Colour matching

All new colours are developed in our colour laboratory. Each recipe is developed from our own Ultrabatches. This ensures that the recipe can be easily scaled up to production. Both in production from Ultrabatch and from pigment.

Most colours are matched on roller mills, while a smaller proportion is matched using. extruder and injection moulding machine/film blower. In matching, a colour piece/foil is produced from the material sent by the customer. The material is analysed according to pigment content and relevant constituents and typically matched sample-wise unless otherwise stated. Most colour indices for use in thermoplastic materials are represented by our Ultrabatches, giving us the ability to match most shades. All matches are compared visually and with a colour spectrophotometer.

As a customer of Kunststof-Kemi you have the possibility to have specific colour matches made. Matches are made by prior arrangement only and may incur a fee.

To ensure we get the best result, please complete this form:

Colour matching checklist

The checklist is included with the colour sample to be matched. The matching software Colibri is also used for colour matching.